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NEW - New Easy Webpaging

The motive

New Easy Webpaging is a modular web application framework. It includes modular caching and a lightweight template engine. It also includes full localization abilities. Modules for the framework can be based off several standard classes which take care of the most important features like caching and localization.

The target

The target of NEW is to outsource caching, templates and localization out of the core functions included in the modules. Instead of writing a complete new solution for each website, one would just have to exchange the modules, and that's it. Whether an online shop, a weblog, a forum software or - as we did - a content management system: with NEW, you can setup virtually anything while concentrating on the core functionality and not caring about the "must-dos" around.

The features

Currently, version 0.2 is the stable and recommended version. It provides:
-Modular system (easy to add functionality)
-Modular caching system (less trouble with the cache not being updated)
-Simple but adequate template system
-Localization system (commonly and individually for modules)
-Loading contents based on the entered URL


NEW includes a sample set of modules, which make up a complete CMS which photo album / thumbnails functionality, picture commenting, guestbook, bbCode parsing etc. This CMS is file system based, you simply have to upload images or content based on text files and everything works. No database is needed. However, the CMS is only a usage example of NEW, and definitely not the last word spoken.

The CMS features

-Photo album functionality
-bbCode parsing
-Guestbook, contact formular, etc
-Most of the design is done via CSS, i.e. smaller HTML files
-Menu is automatically created (on first start and whenever you call
-You can disable unused modules, e.g. comments

If you want to help me, just go ahead. If you are only interested in developing modules, see the module template in the docs/modtemplate dir of the NEW archive.
If you want to help me with the system itself, try to read into the source codes (some of the older comments are German, I'm sorry) and hack around a little. I could use some help with security related stuff and alternatives using a database for the existing CMS modules...

The examples

At the time writing, there aren't very many websites using the NEW CMS that I know of.

These are examples of NEW pages:
-This page (NEW v0.3.5 (unreleased))
-Du bist Abitur (NEW v0.1)
-CMdW (private home page, NEW v0.3; dead by now)
-EH Crew (NEW v0.2)
-Lord Kaldas Web (NEW v0.2)

While surfing through these sites, I hope, interest will have awoken inside of you, and you will wonder where to download that amazing tool :] So there you are:

Where to download?

Well, here you can download the NEW CMS:
Download NEW v0.2.3 (changelog)
Download NEW v0.3 beta 4 (changelog)