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Inserter is a developers' toolkit for RPG Maker XP that will allow scripters to modify RPGXP's existing scripts in the simplest of ways without having to do any permanent changes. For example, existing methods can be modified without the need for aliasing them.

But Inserter will also bring great advantage to users, as you only have to install it once, and you'll never need to manually insert any future scripts into the script editor ever again! Best thing is: most of today's scripts are already - without even intending to - compatible with Inserter, i.e., those that require you to insert them "above Main" - Inserter can do that automatically!

Yeah right advertising for hours and then not telling how it works. Eventually, I may put up more information here - at the moment it's more or less a placeholder to prove its existance :P

Inserter 1.0 RC1

To make it view more meaningful error messages, install the following script, that by the way can also be useful without Inserter (with Inserter: copy included file into Data/Scripte, without Inserter: paste its contents into a new script directly below Inserter).