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Hermes - Hermes Extends RPGXP's MEssage System

Current Version: 0.4

Hermes is a script for RPG Maker XP to immensely improve the capabilities for displaying text through the Show Text command. The system's goals are a simple usability (both for users and developers), a large range of features and that everything still runs at a good speed.

This screenshot shows but a few (though interesting) features of Hermes. If you're interested, you can learn more about Hermes by reading the users' manual. Or, simply download the demo below. It's up to you.

2011/02/21: Version 0.4 released. A list of changes can be found in its users' manual

Hermes 0.4 (Scripts only)
Hermes Demo 0.4

Older versions
Archived AMS+ page