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Disharmony Audio Patch

Disharmony is a complete harmony.dll replacement. Since version 0.9.2, also MIDI playback is handled by Disharmony.

Disharmony uses DirectSound output and can play every format for which a DirectShow filter is installed.

Please see the Disharmony help file for more information, or ask for help in this Ugly Board forum.

Download Disharmony:
- Automated installer (recommended)
- ZIP archive
- 7-Zip archive

31.10.2011 Disharmony
- Fixed crashes and access violations on exit when libdiscord was not present (thanks again Mason Wheeler!).
13.10.2011 Disharmony
- Fixed bug in LoopEditor that caused it to corrupt MIDI files.
- Fixed bug in LoopEditor that caused it to crash when using WindowBlinds.
- Fixed bug in Disharmony dll (Mason Wheeler).
- Fixes for French translation (king kadelfek).
30.09.2011 Disharmony (Tool versions 0.9.2):
- Fixed licensing issues.
- Volume can now be changed from game Variables without lag.
- Added a GUI to EffectsManager for managing keyboard functionality.
- Added import function for RMXP style loop start points in LoopEditor.
- Fixed language packs to work across different regions with same language.
- Behind-The-Scenes upgrade to Delphi XE.
- Sound effects are now loaded whole (no longer streamed).
- Sound effects are kept in memory for a short time to speed up replay.
- System sound effects are now permanently kept in memory for speed.
- Added improved tracker support based on libmodplug (thanks Mason Wheeler!).
- .link.wav files now also allow links to MIDI files.
- Fixed a small installer bug.
30.10.2010 Disharmony
- Fixed short pause at start of MIDIs.
- Fixed inconsistency with fading (starting a Non-MIDI again while it is fading in, fade will restart).
- Fixed fadeout for MIDI files (MIDI continued to play after fadeout).
- Fixed MIDI Tempo control (only had 5 different settings before).
- Improved performance at the beginning of loops.
- Fixed playback of files that cannot be sought (e.g. very short OGGs); a loop start point greater than 0 is obviously not supported for such files.
- Added .link.wav support for sound effects.
- Checks for music playing and "played once" could return incorrect values if the music has been faded out. Now, both will say false once a fadeout has been started.
- Added a feature that will set a switch according to a key's state (tool will be added later).
29.12.2009 Disharmony
- Fixed Windows 7 compatibility (thanks Cherry!).
- Fixed a bug that made tools unusable when using huge window borders.
24.10.2009 Disharmony
- Fixed a bug where stopping sounds by playing them again at volume 0 crashed the game.
- Fixed a bug where setting out-of-bounds volume values crashed the game or did weird things.
- Fixed Harmony Patcher GUI that failed to enable the patch button and then failed to patch.
- Added Spanish translation for tools. Thanks again to EN.I!
13.08.2009 Disharmony (Loop Editor
- Fixed bug that stopped Non-MIDIs from fading sometimes.
- Added support to play multiple Non-MIDIs at once like MIDI channels.
- Added possibility to change the volume of MIDI channels separately.
- Added possibility to define a Switch that will cause Disharmony to re-apply all effects.
- Added French and German translations to all tools (big thanks to king kadelfek!)
- Loop Editor: Enlarged Buttons so that translations fit them.
- Effects Manager: Added ability to set channel volumes / reload switch.
- Harmony Patcher: Changed to only take a single project.
- Setup updated to Restructured install components and added possibility to install other languages than your system language as well.
15.06.2009 Disharmony (Loop Editor (unreleased):
- Fixed music fade volume change rate.
- Fixed a bug where the first MIDI didn't play when using an auto enter patch.
- Fixed a bug that made it impossible to play the same music again after starting to fade it out.
- Finally fixed those stupid "mini loops".
- Added support for Effects and new tool (Effects Manager).
- Added the new tool Harmony Patcher to be able to use Disharmony from RPG Maker 2003.
- Added possibility to stop a specific sound by playing it again at volume 0.
- Loop Editor: Added ability to set the loop starting point for MIDI files, minor fixes.
- Setup updated to Uninstall old version prior to installing new one, minor fixes & changes, added Spanish and French translations (thanks to EN.I and king kadelfek)
21.12.2008 Disharmony (Loop Editor
- Now actually supports Ineluki's MP3- / Keypatch.
- Plays MP3 files in newer RPG Maker 2003 versions correctly (inside the game, if it is patched).
- (Hopefully) no more performance issues or random loops.
- Upgraded to DSMix Advanced which takes advantage of DirectX 9.
- Loop Editor: Recompiled to use DSMix Advanced.
02.10.2008 Disharmony
- Fixed a bug that resulted in the MIDIs being played with an incorrect Tempo setting if they were rapidly played after another MIDI.
- Setup: It had the old Version number, fixed that.
01.10.2008 Disharmony (Loop Editor
- "No Loop" setting did not actually work. Now, it hopefully does.
- MIDI playback is now performed by Disharmony. The beginning of the MIDI will be skipped if it is silent, and the Controller 111 is recognized.
- Loop Editor: Dunno. I think I just compiled it twice which added up to the version number.
30.03.2008 Disharmony (Loop Editor
- Fixed a bug or two where "Played BGM Once" didn't work with songs without loop or songs with a loop starting point different from 0.
- Loop Editor: Fixed a bug where Pressing F1 would cause an error instead of displaying the help file.
- Setup updated to Transformed message boxes into a more GUI approach, added German translation.