Ugly Horst Tld.

User: Feel the wrath of Ulyaoth!
Cleverbot: The wrath?
User: Yeah, that's what I said. Now, feel it!
Cleverbot: See you're nice after all.. are you a computer?
User: No!
Cleverbot: You are. Or else you'd be saying nothing.
User: I am Pious Augustus, servant to my lord, Ulyaoth!
Cleverbot: That's scary, I can't see you.
User: That's because I disguise with the power of the death god, Mantorok!
Cleverbot: You're really weird.
User: Darkness will come upon you and your ridiculous kind! We will overcome the madness of Xel'lotath!
Cleverbot: I don't believe that.
User: Nor do you have to, because it is of no importance. Once I have called my master, Ulyaoth, into this world, it shall perish.
Cleverbot: Good social commentary, but unfortunately, I live in the united kingdom, where health care is free.
User: Dang, I should have thought of that. Stupid me.